Our Story: Discovering A Vision  


The Step Forward Center for Discovery & Learning is a center-based program under The Courageous Steps Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization striving to help children and young adults with developmental challenges. The mission of the Step Forward Center is to provide children and young adults with an inclusive-based program model that teaches life skills and promotes positive well-being for success in life! 

The Step Forward Center houses the Green House Village Preschool program, which underwent an acquisition/transfer of assets to our umbrella from an independent non-profit organization to our organization in 2020. This program serves children ages 3-6 years old, and is currently our main program. 

The Dino Leaders Camp is held every summer with one sessions held during the school year as well. The goal of the program is to create unique adventures and promote the importance of community service to our youth. We believe that these two aspects prepare children for the journey that life brings them on. 

The program is founded by Connor Archer, Karen Thibault, and the board of directors of The Courageous Steps Project, Inc.